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Family History 2022: More than a Story – Care leavers' histories of childhood
Family history presents many challenges for children who grew up in out-of-home care and their relatives but it is a crucial step towards justice and recognition. In this webinar, care leaver advocate Dr Frank Golding of Federation University will be in conversation with Dr Cate O'Neill, the national editor of the Find & Connect web resource at the University of Melbourne. Frank and Cate will discuss their research into the multi-generational experiences of childhoods that have been disordered by state intervention and explain why care leavers are so keen to understand their family history. Their work shows that direct testimony from care leavers presents many challenges to the received accounts of the beneficial nature of historical out-of-home care and welfare. Multi-layered approaches to family history are a pathway to forming counter-narratives about children in welfare, as well as those afflicted by poverty and warfare.

Aug 24, 2022 06:00 PM in Hobart

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Dr Frank Golding
Honorary Research Fellow @Federation University
Dr Frank Golding OAM is an Honorary Research Fellow at Federation University Australia where he completed a PhD entitled Care Leavers Recovering Voice and Agency through Counter-Narrative. He is a Life Member of CLAN, the national Care leaver advocacy body. A former ward of the State of Victoria and now a social historian, Frank has contributed to formal inquiries and national projects dealing with the institutionalisation of children and presented papers on child welfare in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Italy, and Spain. He has written book chapters and refereed journal articles and more than a dozen books including a memoir, An Orphan’s Escape: Memories of a lost childhood (2005). He has just completed a study of a remarkable welfare family that extends over five generations.
Dr Cate O'Neill
National Editor and Research Co-ordinator @Find & Connect
Dr Cate O’Neill is the National Editor and Research Co-ordinator of the Find & Connect web resource in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne, Australia. With an educational background in historical studies, Cate has also worked in archives, including at Public Record Office Victoria, where in 2005–06 she was involved in a project aimed at improving access to records of the Stolen Generations (Indigenous children removed from their families and communities). Since 2008, Cate has worked on projects at the University of Melbourne engaging with the history of children’s institutions in Australia, in collaboration with a diverse range of stakeholders including Care Leaver advocates, past providers of institutional ‘care’, policy developers and academics from a range of disciplines.