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Climate Action Leadership in Higher Education: Now and Ever
Are universities and colleges fit for purpose in a world of growing climate extremes? What is academia doing to tackle the climate emergency and what more needs to be done? Are vice-chancellors and presidents going far enough and fast enough in a carbon-constrained world? Are deans and departmental heads embracing more holistic curricula or locked into defending disciplinary silos? Can any academic institution claim to be truly Sustainable?

Organised by Global Climate Change Week In the run-up to COP-26 in Glasgow, Scotland and in the shadow of the Fifth Assessment Report of the International Panel on Climate Change, our high-level panel of senior academic leaders will provide the latest thinking on these and other questions to ensure Higher Education joins the push for much broader and deeper cuts to carbon emissions.

Drawing together the top leaders of the world’s academic climate action initiatives, our virtual panel aims to inspire universities and colleges—and all those within them and their wider communities--to undertake more radical change faster. Targeting academics, students, professional staff and alumni member, join us in early October to debate the existential issue of our time.


Rufus Black, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Tasmania, Australia and leading the Global Climate Change Week initiative
Ian Jacobs, Vice-Chancellor of the University of New South Wales, Australia and leading the International Universities Climate Alliance initiative
James Longhurst, Assistant Vice-Chancellor, Environment & Sustainability, of the University of the West of England and leading EAUC, the Climate Leadership in Higher Education initiative
Steve Muzzy, Climate Programs Senior Manager, leading the Second Nature initiative

Oct 13, 2021 07:00 AM in Hobart

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